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November and December 2015 in pictures (and an apology…)

Dear readers, Long time, no see! And by long time I mean about half a year... oops. I don't really know what got in the way. Christmas, Spanish classes, Walking Dead... and generally working life. Life seems to kind of fly by when you get stuck in a routine. Just this evening I got a… Continue reading November and December 2015 in pictures (and an apology…)


16 years later…

After being in Germany a good 11 months, it was finally time for my dad to come and visit me in Germany. The plan was initially for him to come to Frankfurt and then for us to go and visit his friends in Wolfsburg for a long weekend, but with the possibility of me having… Continue reading 16 years later…


“We have to pull out that tooth”: German Idioms Part III

I've said it many times and I'll say it many more times again - I love German. Here are some more idioms as to why I love it! Kleine Sünden bestraft der liebe Gott sofort. Literally: "The lovely God punishes small sins immediately". Translation: "Karma". Where we'd probably simply say "karma" (plus perhaps "'s a… Continue reading “We have to pull out that tooth”: German Idioms Part III

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(English below!) Wenn man doppelt so viel Zeit an einem Wochenende hat, dann muss man die Zeit natürlich gut nutzen, und genau das habe ich am Osterwochenende dieses Jahr gemacht. Insgesamt habe ich die folgenden Städte zum ersten Mal besucht: Hachenburg, Porz, Zündorf und Troisdorf. Komische Kombination? Das wir sich klären... In Hachenburg hat Tim… Continue reading Osterwochenende


100 things I’ve learnt in Frankfurt

Due to me being a complete geek with numbers (I get it off my mum!) and using one of my favourite websites - Wolfram|Alpha - I've worked out that today is my 100th day in Frankfurt. And what better way to celebrate than with a fun blog post around the number 100. Here are the 100 things… Continue reading 100 things I’ve learnt in Frankfurt


I have arrived!

Guten Abend! I have arrived! And after quite a full weekend, I'm now sat watching a bit of TV - a programme that seems to be a cross between Come Dine With Me and Four In A Bed. The theme tune is Safe and Sound which made me really excited. Anyway, yeah, Frankfurt! I arrived… Continue reading I have arrived!